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Sprinkler & Spray Fire Systems

Fire is the leading cause of property loss worldwide,yet it has been proven that a devastating fire loss is,indeed, preventable with properly designed and installed sprinkler and spray systems. Cease Fire's Fully Automated Sprinkler and Spray Systems control fire from spreading and fight it wherever installed through its own and independent set of pump sets, instrumentation, controls, piping distribution network and nozzles.

Its systems have been installed for well over 4 decades in various types and classes of industries,warehouses, factories, commercial and residential buildings, hotels,parking lots,etc and have resulted in outstanding success in detecting and suppressing/extinguishing fires and sounding an alarm; thereby saving lives and property, considerably.

These tailor made systems comprise various kinds of Sprayers, Nozzles and Sprinkler Heads such as Pendant, Upright, Side Wall, In Rack, ESFR, Extended Coverage, Quick Response, Fusible Link,etc. working at various temperatures depending upon the hazard and side site requirement/condition. Its systems are designed based on NFPA and FM Standards and fully compliant with the National Building Code.

"We add value to your projects by offering Designs and Systems that comply with the National Buliding Code, TAC, Office of the Chief Fire Officer having Jurisdiction, FM Global, NFPA and other International Codes as applicable and required."