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Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

With over 4 decades of experience with Fire Hydrant systems and protecting India's most vital buildings with several technological 'firsts', Cease Fire is unrivalled in its position as a turn key contractor for these systems.

Its Fire Hydrant Systems help in fighting fires of serious proportions in all classes of risks to save life and property.

Its systems are a combination of equipment such as a set of fully automated as well as manually operated fire pumps, instrumentation and control equipment, pressurised water mains forming a ring around the periphery of the premises, wet or dry risers, hydrants, hose reels, breaching inlets, etc. which when pressed in to service, enable trained personnel to save lives and protect valuable assets.

"We add value to your projects by offering Designs and Systems that comply with the National Buliding Code, TAC, Office of the Chief Fire Officer having Jurisdiction, FM Global, NFPA and other International Codes as applicable and required."