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Cease Fire Safety Systems Manual and Fully Automatic Detection and Alarm Systems with a Public Addressable unit, are your first line of defense against a fire.

These systems comprise robust, heavy duty, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly equipment. Its panels are combustible to and can accommodate almost all types of conventional and addressable smoke, heat flame and gas detectors with manual call points, hooters and indicators, etc.

Moreover, its systems with Conventional Modular Designs or Addressable Features are generally customized for every client to suit their fire protection requirement and can be integrated with crucial support systems such as: Fire Suppression Systems, Security Systems, HVAC and Electrical Systems.

Features to send an alarm notification signal to the fire department or an emergency response organization, during distress are also available.


  • Analogue Addressable and Intelligent Type.
  • Conventional-Modular Expandble and Microprocessor Based Type
  • Variety of Smoke Sensors
  • Linear heat sensing devices
  • Fire/Flame Sensors with Solar Blind UV or IR Detctors immune to hot body radiation designed for outdoor/indoor applications
  • Public addressable systems with 2 way communication and talk back facility


  • We offer our client an excellent quality range of Smoke and Heat Detectors, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials.
  • These can be customized as per our customers specifications. These are widely known for its durability and quality.