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Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Sensitive technologies,valuable objects and areas need a special protection scheme.Cease Fire Safety Systems extingusihing agents are environmentally safe and provides fast and reliable protection of human life as well as material asset. Specially adapted to individual application, they fight fires with n side-effects or negative impact on the protected agents.

Complemented by its Detction System, these Suppression agents are automatically pressed into service at the outbreak of a fire in critical areas such as high-end electrical installments, computer and telecommunications' facilities, IT Server Rooms, Data Centers, EDP Rooms, Archives, Storage Vaults, Banks, switching and control systems, transforms, special risk areas such as hazardous substance storage, foam manufacturing plants, paint and powder coat booths, hydraulic systems, silos and dust filters, printing presses, turbines, critical machinery spaces, ship engine rooms and more.


  • CO2 Flooding Systems
  • NOVEC Suppression Systems
  • Other Clean Agents and Halon alternatives
  • Alternate Technology-Water Mist Systems
  • Kitchen Protection Systems