Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher.

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  • Fire ‘Z’ Brand Foam Fire Extinguishers contains Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate (AFFF) which has characteristics of film forming due to which flame is rapidly knocked down and sealing of fuel surface is achieved.

Ideal Uses:

  • Oil & fuel warehouses, Fuel Pumps, Factories,Etc.
Extinguishing Agent AFFF Foam
Suitable for Class A B
Capacity (kg/lt.) 9 lt
Outside Diameter (mm) 180
Hose/Nozzle PVC Hose with Nozzle
Design as per Standards CE / EN-3 / IS:15683
Discharge- Quantity More than 90%
Duration/Time (Sec.) 23 to 30
Range/Throw (Meter) 6 to 7
Operating Temperature (? C) 5 to 55
Fire Ratings 3 A 34 B