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1. Quality Fire Blankets Quick Release & Wall Mounted

The blankets provide highly effective protection in homes, restaurants and kitchens that are susceptible to rapid fire spread and destruction. The various fire suppression, products are produced from amorphous, silica cloths and felt which are absolutely fireproof and cannot melt until temperatures exceeding 3000 deg F. it can be reused multiple times.

2. Fire Blanket is mandatory

The utility of fire blanket cannot be ruled out. But unfortunately general public isn't aware of the dangers associated with home fires, and that fire blanket can effectively control them.

Majority of house fires start in the kitchen and that accounts for almost 28 percent of all fire accidents. And when this happens instant panic sets-in, as one tries to find a very quick solution under intense stress and trauma. Most people use damp towel which causes more danger. Fire Blankets prove highly effective under such circumtance. And they are highly recommended by the people involved in health and safety.

3. Accessibility:

Fire blankets, when used correctly, prove to be highly life saving. They should be made easily accessible near an exit doorway. And should never be hidden away in draws or cupboards. Placing them near to an exit ensures that you have away out should the fire blanket not be enough or if things go wrong.

4. Life Saver:

Fire blankets are also ideal for covering someone who has actually caught fire and can also be worn over the head if one need to pass an area that is on fire or under extreme high temperature.

Every home should have a fire blanket located in die kitchen or where cooking takes place. The protection it provides to one's family sets off the minimal cost involved in its purchase.

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5. Vinyl Quick Release Pouch Fire Blanket:

36"x 36" fabricatted blanket with holding handles attached at one end for quick release from the package and immediate covering of the cooking fire.

Packaged in a quick release plastic pouch mounted on the wall in the kitchen area. Attachment to the wall by the screws provided with each other is recommended. Ideal for restaurants or institutional kitchens & homes.

Suitable for: Homes, Restaurants, Kitchens etc.

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6. Wall Mount Fire Blanket:

36"x36" fabricatted blanket with holding handles attached at one end for quick release for easy handling and utility of use.

Package in an attractive ABS plastic wall attachment, offered in the colors of black, white, or chromium. Ideal for apartments, RV's or boats, where space is at a premium.

Suitable for: Apartments, Boats & Air Crafts.