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Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

With over 4 decades of experience with Fire Hydrant systems and protecting India's most vital buildings with several technological 'firsts', Cease Fire is unrivalled in its position as a turn key contractor for these systems.

Its Fire Hydrant Systems help in fighting fires of serious proportions in all classes of risks to save life and property.

Its systems are a combination of equipment such as a set of fully automated as well as manually operated fire pumps, instrumentation and control equipment, pressurised water mains forming a ring around the periphery of the premises, wet or dry risers, hydrants, hose reels, breaching inlets, etc. which when pressed in to service, enable trained personnel to save lives and protect valuable assets.

"We add value to your projects by offering Designs and Systems that comply with the National Buliding Code, TAC, Office of the Chief Fire Officer having Jurisdiction, FM Global, NFPA and other International Codes as applicable and required."

Sprinkler & Spray Fire Systems

Fire is the leading cause of property loss worldwide,yet it has been proven that a devastating fire loss is,indeed, preventable with properly designed and installed sprinkler and spray systems. Cease Fire's Fully Automated Sprinkler and Spray Systems control fire from spreading and fight it wherever installed through its own and independent set of pump sets, instrumentation, controls, piping distribution network and nozzles.

Its systems have been installed for well over 4 decades in various types and classes of industries,warehouses, factories, commercial and residential buildings, hotels,parking lots,etc and have resulted in outstanding success in detecting and suppressing/extinguishing fires and sounding an alarm; thereby saving lives and property, considerably.

These tailor made systems comprise various kinds of Sprayers, Nozzles and Sprinkler Heads such as Pendant, Upright, Side Wall, In Rack, ESFR, Extended Coverage, Quick Response, Fusible Link,etc. working at various temperatures depending upon the hazard and side site requirement/condition. Its systems are designed based on NFPA and FM Standards and fully compliant with the National Building Code.

"We add value to your projects by offering Designs and Systems that comply with the National Buliding Code, TAC, Office of the Chief Fire Officer having Jurisdiction, FM Global, NFPA and other International Codes as applicable and required."

Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Cease Fire Safety Systems Manual and Fully Automatic Detection and Alarm Systems with a Public Addressable unit, are your first line of defense against a fire.

These systems comprise robust, heavy duty, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly equipment. Its panels are combustible to and can accommodate almost all types of conventional and addressable smoke, heat flame and gas detectors with manual call points, hooters and indicators, etc.

Moreover, its systems with Conventional Modular Designs or Addressable Features are generally customized for every client to suit their fire protection requirement and can be integrated with crucial support systems such as: Fire Suppression Systems, Security Systems, HVAC and Electrical Systems.

Features to send an alarm notification signal to the fire department or an emergency response organization, during distress are also available.


  • Analogue Addressable and Intelligent Type
  • Conventional-Modular Expandble and Microprocessor Based Type
  • Variety of Smoke Sensors
  • Linear heat sensing devices
  • Fire/Flame Sensors with Solar Blind UV or IR Detctors immune to hot body radiation designed for outdoor/indoor applications
  • Public addressable systems with 2 way communication and talk back facility

Fire Suppression Systems

Sensitive technologies,valuable objects and areas need a special protection scheme.Cease Fire Safety Systems extingusihing agents are environmentally safe and provides fast and reliable protection of human life as well as material asset. Specially adapted to individual application, they fight fires with n side-effects or negative impact on the protected agents.

Complemented by its Detction System, these Suppression agents are automatically pressed into service at the outbreak of a fire in critical areas such as high-end electrical installments, computer and telecommunications' facilities, IT Server Rooms, Data Centers, EDP Rooms, Archives, Storage Vaults, Banks, switching and control systems, transforms, special risk areas such as hazardous substance storage, foam manufacturing plants, paint and powder coat booths, hydraulic systems, silos and dust filters, printing presses, turbines, critical machinery spaces, ship engine rooms and more.


  • CO2 Flooding Systems
  • NOVEC Suppression Systems
  • Other Clean Agents and Halon alternatives
  • Alternate Technology-Water Mist Systems
  • Kitchen Protection Systems

Wet & Dry Riser Fire Hydrant Systems